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Businesses require some form of advertising and marketing for their business to succeed. The best type of advertising is word of mouth but for those times when it is just not enough, a business needs to step in and utilize the many advertising tools that are available to them.

Poster board signs are great for any type of company, any situation and for any budget. Poster board signs are also known as foam board signs, foam core, PVC or gator board signs. Although there is a distinct difference between these substrates, this is what people typically refer to as poster board signs.

What Is the Difference Between Foam Board and Gator Board?
As alluded above, poster board signs can be used for anything. They are constructed mainly of two boards with a filler material. When speaking of the foam board, the middle is filled with a foam core; with gator board it is polystyrene.
Foam Board or Foam Core is light weight and is intended for short term indoor use however gator board is much stronger and denser board compared to foam board and can be used for a longer term use of any display or advertising use.

Both foam core and gator board can be printed on using special printing equipment such as flatbed digital printer. Foam core and gator signs are for indoor use, foam core signs are for short term however gator board can be used for a longer period of time.

For short term outdoor and long term indoor signs, we recommend PVC Signs.

PVC signs are available in variety of thickness and are more flexible than many other rigid substrates in it's class specially 1 mil an 3 mil pvc boards, offers full color printing on PVC (Sintra) material on 1 mil (1/16"), 3 mil (0.125") and 6 mil (0.25").

Printing on PVC, Foam Board or Foam Core Board is available up to 4' x 8' (48" x 96") however larger printed signs are only available for pick up due to restrictions on shipping oversized packages.

Foam board tends to show dents more readily than gator board and does not hold up against traveling as well as gator board. Overall, gator board is stronger and built to last longer. This is why the price point for gator board is more costly than foam board. For many circumstances, however, foam board works great and costs less.

While each product is not superior to one another, there are times when one product works better for a situation than the other.

Applications and uses


Use Poster Board for Anything!

Hanging Signs – For indoor use, foam board or gator board can be used. Many different types of businesses use hanging poster board signs such as grocery stores, retail stores, bakery’s and more. Most often these signs will be suspended from the top of the ceiling.

Menu Signs – Look around and you will see that poster board signs are most always used for a menu sign. Visit a local deli or bakery or even at the grocery store and you will notice that almost every menu sign is made from gator board that has been professionally printed on.

Logos for Buildings – Many buildings like to have their logo present in outside and inside of their business. Poster board signs help achieve this look for mainly indoors. Because of their ability to easily be printed, many company logos are crafted out of gator board and then hung at a place of business.

Easy to use

The overall construction of poster boards signs is lightweight and easily picked up. This helps when looking to hang signs in high or awkward places. The lightweight construction also helps reduce the amount of heavy hardware that will be required to hang the poster board signs.

Storing poster board signs is also easy and very convenient. Long as the poster board signs have a flat place to lay, they will store great. It is also important to make sure that the storage area does not have excessive heat or moisture as well as not be extremely cold. Extreme temperatures either hot or cold can deteriorate the composition of both foam board and eventually gator board.

For those that travel with advertising signs such as poster board signs, it is important to always keep them flat and free of anything on them; especially something that could potentially puncture the board. Although it is not easy to puncture the board, it can still happen. It is better to take precautions when traveling with poster board signs rather than have to replace them.

The list of poster board signs is endless. Companies are always finding different ways to utilize what poster board signs can do. They are relatively inexpensive and give a company a professional look whether used on the back of a poster or being the center focus with brilliant graphical printing.

Our team is here to help. There is no job too big for We also cater those companies that do not need a high volume of posters printed. Our low run production lets our company stand out from the crowd. Contact us with any questions regarding poster board signs or any other product you see on the site.

Mounting Posters – Poster board signs, foam and gator board, are also great for mounting large format posters on. By mounting the posters on the poster board, it increases the lifespan of the poster. Typically, in this situation, many businesses choose gator board and since we offer high quality direct printing on boards therefore eliminating the need of printing poster on photo paper and hassle of mounting or laminating we pass on the savings to our customers.

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